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Findings: Respondent 5

Lastly, the final respondent 5 who I assumed to be in neuroticism category for her personality based on her postings in Facebook. Below are the results of her answers from the given questionnaires:

Questions & Answers from Respondent 5

As for respondent 5, she, herself admits that she is an anxious, insecure and a sensitive person. She also confessed that she would feel bored, lonely and sleepy during her leisure time. This shows that the respondent is always moody and tense once in a while. Next, she shows that she is feeling sensitive as she is still unable to figure out her ambition just yet. She also would not lend her friend some money without knowing the purpose of borrowing beforehand. It portrays that she is being insecure and sensitive towards money. However, through her feedback of the questionnaires, I found out that the respondent is not being neuroticism in most issues. She eventually shows strong support to those who married at young age by congratulating them. She also shows her concern towards baby dumping cases as she wonders on whose the one at faults for such issues to occurred. In addition, her favorite quote is, “Strangers think I’m quiet, my friends think I’m outgoing and my best friends think I’m insane.” This shows that the respondent is not all neuroticism as she is actually an outgoing person. Thus, my assumption towards respondent 5 is not true.



As for respondent 4, she portrays a lot of agreeableness personality characteristic in which I believe she belongs to that category. Therefore, the respondent’s answer on questionnaires can be view as below:

Questions & Answers from Respondent 4

Eventhough respondent 4 believes that she is more towards domain 1 personality characteristics, her answers from the questionnaires has shown that she fits to be in domain 4 category; agreeableness. The respondent likes to watch comedy movies rather than other movie genre such as horror, action or mystery which emphasized that she is a peace- keeper and nurturing person. She also likes to post about rightfulness or righteous actions and issues which further focused on her cooperativeness and peace-keeper personality.  The respondent is an optimist individual as she responds positively towards those who married at young age and showed her interest to be married at young age too. In addition, she wants to be an educator which shows that she is a cooperative and helpful citizen who wants to educate the youngsters of becoming great people. She also would lend her friend whom in need of money and give them time to pay her back. It portrays her attitude of being cooperative and helpful towards her friends. Thus, the respondent’s feedback has proven my assumption to be true.


To continue with, I labelled respondent 3 to be in domain 3 of personality’s category which is extroversion. The reason is basically through the way she posts and comments upon her status update in Facebook. The following are her answers to the given questionnaires as to prove on my assumptions:

Questions & Answers from Respondent 3

Based on the respondents’ feedback, my assumption is proved to be true. The respondent herself admits that she is a cooperative, helpful and nurturing person. These are all the criteria of an extroversion individual. Next, she likes to posts about her feelings on that particular day which portrays her outgoing personality as she is willing to share her stories with others. She also shows her friendly attitude as she responds positively towards the idea of early marriage as she trusts that those newly weds would be blessed by God. Moreover, the respondent is an energetic person as she puts her ambition as an educator which is a noble and rather challenging carrier to pursue. In fact, she shows her assertive personality as she wishes to take care of the baby who is the victim of baby dumping cases. As an extra, the respondent’s favorite quote is, “Craziness is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.” It simply emphasized on the respondent’s assertiveness as she realized that there is no good in repeating the same actions without any improvements.


In particular, I believe that respondent 2 belongs to the conscientiousness category as reference to her posts in Facebook. Similar to respondent 1, same questionnaires were given to Respondent 2 as to strengthen my view upon her personality’s category. The results of her answer are as the following:

Questions & Answers from Respondent 2

First of all, the respondent believes that she is a responsible, organized and persevering person which fits the characteristic of domain 2 personality; conscientiousness. Her response towards those who married at young age shows that she is a responsible and planner-type of person as she figures that studies must come first instead of rushing for marriage. Furthermore, the respondent is a reliable person as she would simply treat her friend who wants to borrow some money from her.The respondent also sensed a great responsibility that must be done by both government and mass regarding the baby dumping issues.

Regardless of these answers which strongly support my assumption, respondent 2 actually has the characteristics of other personality’s domain. She shows her neuroticism side as she would feel bored, lonely and sleepy during her leisure time. She also shows her anxiousness as she still has not figured out her latest ambition, yet.


My first assumption of respondent 1 is that she belongs to the openness to experience’s category based on her facebook postings. In order to strengthen my assumption, related questionnaires are given to both respondent 1 and her friends. The results are as in the following link:

Questions & Answers from Respondent 1

However, from her feedback of the questionnaires, the respondent admits herself as someone who is cooperative, helpful and nurturing  rather than being curious, intelligent and imaginative. Nevertheless, her next following answers to the questions have proved my assumption to be true.

She answered that she would be observing her surroundings in her leisure time which shows her curiosity and imaginative personality. She also likes to post about humanism which portrays her openness to experience personality. Besides, she responds positively upon the issue of early marriage by congratulating them. It shows that she appreciates the view of being married at young age. In addition, she portrays her sophisticated personality as she chose her current ambition as a businesswoman which is a highly respected and successful carrier. For extra input, respondent 1’s favorite quote is, “I’m not pessimistic about people in general but only about the way they live.” Eventually, it shows her intelligence on way of thinking that is to not judge people on who they are but on what they do.


1. Your Facebook’s username is

2. Your friend is a/an

    • curious, intelligent and imaginative person.
    • responsible, organized and persevering person.
    • outgoing, amicable and assertive person.
    • cooperative,helpful and nurturing person.
    • anxious, insecure and sensitive person.

3. Your friend’s favorite movie genre is

  • science-fiction
  • comedy
  • action
  • horror
  • mystery

4. In your friend’s leisure time, he/she would

  • observe on his/her surroundings (people/animals/nature/events).
  • do volunteer work (help their parents/siblings/friends/school).
  • go for outing (shopping/sports/picnic/events).
  • make handcrafts or build some chairs and tables.
  • feel bored, lonely and finally sleeping for the whole day.

5. Your friend like to post about

  • humanism.
  • his/her feelings on that day.
  • funny stories.
  • rightfulness.
  • questions to answer his/her doubts.

6. Your friend’s view upon those being married at young age

  • Good for them! Congratulations!!
  • Lucky them..! Huh!
  • What’s the rush? Finish your studies first wouldn’t hurt, you know?
  • It’s a good thing to celebrate and they’ll be more blessed by Him.
  • I want to marry early too..!

7. Your friend’s latest ambition would be

  • a professional motivator.
  • a private investigator.
  • an educator.
  • a businessman/businesswoman.
  • err..he/she cannot figure it out yet..!

8. If someone wants to borrow your friend’s money, your friend would

  • ask for their purpose of doing so i.e borrowing his/her money instead of using their own.
  • ask them to pay back as soon as possible.
  • simply give them and make it as a treat instead.
  • lend and give them some time to pay him/her back.
  • refuse nicely with acceptable excuses.

9. When your friend heard of baby dumping, he/she

  • wonders who are the ones at faults.
  • teared up and filled with remorse.
  • wants the government and mass to play their part efficiently!
  • wish he/she can take care of the baby instead.
  • won’t be bothered as it has become too common lately.

10. Your friend’s favorite quote is

  • “Sometimes questions are more important than answers”. – Nancy Williard
  • “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”. – Abraham Lincoln
  • Strangers think I’m quiet, my friends think I’m outgoing and my best friends think I’m insane”. – Anonymous
  • “Craziness is doing the same thing and expecting a different result”. – Tom DeMarco
  • “I’m not pessimistic about people in general, but only about the way they live”. – Claude Chabrol
  • ‘Queue’ is the only word in the English language that can be read in the same way as the four last letters removed.
  • ‘Rhythm’ is the longest word in the English language that contains no vowels.
  •  ‘Almost‘ is the longest word in English that are arranged alphabetically.
  • Go‘, is the shortest complete sentence in English.
  • There are four words in the English language that end with the syllable ‘dous‘, namely: ‘tremendous‘, ‘horrendous‘, ‘stupendous‘ and ‘hazardous‘.
  • The phrase, ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” uses every letter in the alphabet.
  • Stewardesses‘ is the longest word you can type with the left hand on your keyboard.
  • Lollipop‘ is the longest word you can type with your right hand on your keyboard.
  • Typewriter‘ is the longest word you can type using the letters only on one row of your keyboard.
  • A‘ to ‘Z‘ has a symbol (and the sound itself), but, the letter ‘W‘, ‘W’ is the letter ‘uu’ or ‘double u’.

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